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Welcome to IP Predator -- a free unblocking proxy service. This proxy service unblocks various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Orkut, Bebo, and others. It also allows unblocked use of  web mail sites like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo mail.

The  proxy service will provide access to several popular social networking sites.  For details of the sites available through this proxy service see the list below. Aside from this list, no other sites are available through this proxy.

Our proxy is not intended to  make you anonymous and hide your identity. The proxy service does not mask your IP address. When visiting web sites, your actual IP address is what the web site will obtain.

The proxy will unblock the web sites listed for those people in places where access is restricted. Our IP address changes daily. Every morning a new proxy IP address is provided on this site. This feature makes the proxy significantly more difficult to block and therefore more useful in allowing access to blocked web sites. Just visit this page daily to get your IP address for the day.

To use the proxy, simply enter the day's IP address in your browser's proxy settings and set it to port 80.

If you need absolute encrypted security, unlimited access to all web sites and the ability to use all web site functionality with speed and ease then we recommend the the Personal VPN Service. Click on the link below for more information.

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Available web sites:

Aim, Amazon, Aol, Ask, Backflip, Ballhype, Bebo, Bing, Blogger, Blogmarks, Delicious, Digg, Diigo, Dubaiforums, Earthfrisk, Facebook, Fark, Faves, Favorites, Flickr, Friendfeed, Google, Gmail, Hatena, Hotmail, Iliketotallyloveit, Jabber, Kaboodle, Kirsty, Link-a-gogo, Linkedin, Live, Livejournal, Meneame, Metafilter, Mister-wong, Mixx, Msn, Multiply, Myaol, Myspace, Netvibes, Netvouz, Newsvine, Nujij, Nrkut, Plaxo, Propeller, Reddit, Searchles, Segnalo, Shanghaiist, Shoutwire, Simply, Simpy, Slashdot, Spurl, Stumbelupon, Sechnorati, Tipd, Tumbir, Tweeter, Twitter, Typepad, Wikipedia, Wordpress, Yahoo, Yardbarker, Youtube




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